New In: Memory box

I can’t believe one week is already over again. I actually wanted to do this week’s blogpost earlier especially as the Bournemouth-post is almost ready, but I felt terribly ill the beginning of this week. At least, I can show you something little “special” now, namely my new memory-box :-) (former wine box) …as you might know, I’m pretty into all that nostalgic stuff… 

At this point, I also want to say thank you to all these amazing people out there who helped me to fill my box with great memories xxx

Some other stuff is following soon, I promise. Hope you like my little gif animation? (I love it<3) ...I think I should do that more often.



New In: Wanderlust & Sense of home

New in does not necessarily have to be about shopping only. This week it’s more about wanderlust. Wanderlust and home… and something in between somehow. (Well, and about some other stuff, but have a look yourselves ;-))

Travel guide: Marco Polo
So let’s begin with wanderlust then. It’s not a big secret that I am obsessed with Iceland somehow. Even if you only say “Iceland” before my face, it makes me getting super-excited. I don’t even know when all this began. The only thing I know is that I keep watching videos& documentaries and looking though pictures& travel blogs, completely awestruck by its unique beauty. However I guess it’s quite weird that I come up with all this Iceland thing while I am actually finally living in the UK! Nonetheless, for me that’s not contradictory. I love my life in the UK more than anything else. I could imagine a future over here, one day; I love the lifestyle, the people, the mentality, the accent, the WEATHER... I guess Iceland is just something else. Rough, pure nature, loneliness (oh how I fear Iceland might be full of tourists in summer! :-/), honest people, difficult language, a quite intense experience to make, somehow. Difficult to describe. I just feel like this is something I need to see with my own eyes, as soon as possible. I even look for flights sometimes, just for fun. Moreover I realized that flights from London to Reykjavík are so much quicker and cheaper than from my home in Germany… Anyway, so when I saw this travel guide on amazon, I couldn’t stop myself from buying it. I personally really like Macro Polo travel guides because of their clear structure, complex information and the additional map in the back. Though, I am also a fan of travel guides by National Geographic, probably even prefer them, but couldn’t find a suitable one – doesn’t matter, the Marco Polo one is absolutely fine and I was so happy when it arrived :-)

From wanderlust to something in-between to “home”. This is about “in between” now. As you can see, in this case new-in is (only) a map, two postcards and some shells from Bournemouth, which is not too far away from where I live now – my new, second home. But, wait to see, there will be a separate blogpost about Bournemouth and its beautiful& almost empty beach (in harvest), soon!

Home. Since I’m here in the UK, I haven’t felt homesick even for a second. However, I think I could not stay here without my family and friends supporting me in this. They keep me grounded and make me not forget (well that wouldn’t happen anyway) where I come from – where I’m home (,too). ...And especially my parents and my brother are doing this in a brilliant way :D :
This beautiful parcel just arrived this week! It always feels like Christmas when I receive stuff like that :-)… A thousand thanks to my family in Germany♥. This time, they sent me our local newspaper, some pictures, lots of recipes for Christmas biscuits, some sweets and even a little cake :-) I am endlessly thankful to have you.

belt, tights: Primark
And I did a little bit of shopping this week as well. It’s actually just the second time that I’ve been to Primark since I’m over here. I pretty much lost the interest in Primark in general, I guess. Nevertheless I like this belt a lot, I just hope it does not break too quickly. And this tights seem to have a good quality, as they contain lycra. But I couldn’t find what I have actually been looking for at Primark – does anyone know where to get skin coloured tights between 60 and 100d from? 

Cookies: Tesco Finest
Last but not least, something that actually does not really belong here. Belgian Triple Chocolate Cookies by Tesco Finest. However, these cookies taste so amazing that they deserve to be mentioned. They taste like a huge peace of chocolate, with a little cookie flavour :D I can’t even describe it, they are just awesome :D On the picture at the right, you can see one in comparison to another cookie. And even if the Tesco Finest one has even got chocolate glazing on the bottom and contains three different kinds of chocolate, it has still little fewer calories than the other one!
Ok ok, now I need to stop thinking about cookies – I’m getting hungry! :D

…so… hopefully I can show you last Saturdays Bournemouth pictures, soon, and I also planned to be some kind of a London-review when I got time! Wait to see ;-)



New In: harvest.

Hi there!
…one week later… I actually realised that posting things, I bought during the week, feels a little awkward. I guess it makes me look a bit like a shopaholic^^ but to be fair, looking at apparel, I “only” bought a pair of shoes this week. (…but if I only buy one thing every week it would be quite a lot as well, wouldn’t it? :-/)
anyway. Here’s what I got this week :-)

shoes: ebay
 I love these shoes! Unfortunatel no original Underground creepers but the cheap ebay version :-/ However as they do not fit to that many outfits, I think it guess ok to save a little money (especially if you are as poor I am :P), but of course you can see the difference^^. These shoes are actually the only leo-print thing I got (so far) and they fit perfectly to a shirt I bought a longer time ago. Can’t wait to show you!

(Jacket: "per una")
The absolutely best thing for a new in: presents! :D Got this beautiful jacket from my host mum! She didn’t want it anymore and luckily it suits me perfectly. Thank you so much again! ;-) I especially like these old-silver buttons and the jackets material seems to have a very good quality. Unfortunately I think this jacket is not warm enough for the winter but anyway, it’s my favourite new harvest and spring jacket!

Coloration: Schwarzkopf Livecolor XXL
 Well, it’s true, I’m not a natural redhead. I confess. That means every 4-6 weeks the same again: dying my hair. Usually I used to buy “intense red” colouration, mainly by Garnier. This is the second time I bought “real red” by Schwarzkopf now and I’m pretty happy about it. Of course my hair is not as shiny as the one at the cover but it looks a little brighter now and it is not more or less damaged after dying than with the Garnier or Syos products. :-)

And that was already it for this week!
I actually wanted to take outfit pictures with some of the stuff I bought today but can you believe it, now my remote control doesn’t work anymore! It’s like someone would want me to stop from going on with photography! So anoying -.- Hopefully it’s only the battery and I can fix it soon…


Ps: click here to win something at Caty’s blog!


New In

…wow, you’ve been living in the UK for three months now, and that’s the first thing you are posting? Really?! … yep :D
I will definitely post some kind of a big summary one day, but I’ve been looking for something, I can post regularly, at the beginning of every week maybe. And what could that be? New-ins of course! England is my shopping paradise, but I think I will keep some of this enthusiasm for the following posts. Anyway. Last weeks’ shopping has been a bit more than other weeks maybe, but I think that makes it a good occasion to start this new category in my blog. “No problem, Franzi, we’ll pick you up by car when you’re going to go back to Germany…”, my dad said, when I showed him my latest shopping via skype. “…could you…eeeem… bring the trailer with you…?” – he laughed.
Oh and by the way: I guess from now on I will write mainly in English, as a lot of my new friends don’t speak German (or pretend not to!! :P). If I have enough time and patience, I might post bilingual.
Ok, but now finally, more about my beautiful new stuff
Jumper: vintage// Rings: H&M

Both jumper are from a second hand shop. What I like about the one on top is, that it’s not just a normal Christmas jumper, I think the silver pattern makes it special somehow. The other one is made out of this beautiful velvet material that I love so much. Incidentally, my favourite shoes are made out of exactly the same material and have the same colour! Unfortunately, what you can’t see, the front side is sequined and I’m not sure if I like it. I’ll probably try to remove them…
All the rings are from H&M. And, probably the only good thing about college at the moment, 20% Student discount! My friends might wonder why I bought the double ring (at the right) again. I already bought the same ring back in Germany. Unfortunately I lost it a couple of weeks ago in London.  Thanks to H&Ms  bulk goods I got my favourite ring back!
Trousers: Monki (via Asos)
My favourite new trousers! They’re high waist + corduroy (the first corduroy trousers I liked ever! My mum tried to make me wear some for ages ;D) and… tadaaa, thx to college, 10% discount, too!

Shorts: vintage// Shoes: New Look// Accessory: Topshop, New Look

I bought these beautiful leather shorts in a charity shop (I loooove the charity shops over here so much!). They’re originally from Asos, even the label was still on it. 4,5 Pounds – any questions?!
Lulus comment to the shoes: (bugged) “aaa sure. Hipster-Franzi bought creepers… Actually, earlier, only prostitutes have been wearing them, did u know?!...” – Well. First of all, I’m NOT a hipster. Do NEVER call me hipster. Secondly, Wikipedia couldn’t acknowledge that (?) but I’m happy for them to wear comfortable shoes as well ;-) !
To the accessory, what can I say – I’m addicted to it. 

Bag: vintage// Bracelets: vintage

All these beautiful things are from the car boot sale. Real-leather but fake-Chanel hand bag. Well the seller wanted to tell me that it’s real one (guess he wouldn’t have sold it to me for 1,50 pound then ;-)) but I’m not that much about fake brands anymore anyway. It’s still very good quality.
Accessory? – I’m addicted. But, to be fair, I don’t own that much bracelets…

Rings: New Look, H&M// Earrings: Topshop// Bracelets: vintage// Headpiece: Topshop
To whomever this might even read: I hope it didn’t bore you too much. But I mainly do this for myself anyway...